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A Kick-Start Career Opportunity
for New Finance & Business Development Professionals

After College, Don’t Accept Just Any Job.
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It’s certainly difficult starting a career in today’s challenging economic landscape. But Mid-Island Mortgage
is making it easier and more rewarding for recent college grads with Generation M. It’s a career path-focused
program custom-made for young professionals looking for entry-level employment (and critical real-life experience)
within the financial, real estate or business development fields. Offering a strong starting salary plus sales commission
on top of expert hands-on training, Generation M is the optimal environment for kicking off a long-lasting and
lucrative career no matter which path you want to choose.

Here’s how it works…


Evaluate What You’re Looking for in a Job


  • You’re looking to gain valuable experience in the finance, real estate and/or business development fields as a mortgage loan originator.
  • You would like to start earning a salary and start a career, pay off student loans and survive and thrive in this economic climate way better than your friends. You bet you can get ahead.


Determine if You
Match Up with Generation M’s Vision


  • Generation M is right for you if you are a recent college graduate or are a college grad who’s already begun his/her career but knows she/he can do better!
  • You have an interest or degree in finance, real estate, mortgage lending, business development or sales.
  • You want to join a team and company that’s growing while other industries are struggling.


Learn How You’ll Succeed

  • Detailed, hands-on training on single-family home mortgage processing, underwriting, closing and, eventually, origination.
  • A chance to put what you learned in college to work, while helping customers affordably achieve their financial goals and homeownership.
  • A strong starting base salary plus commissions based on loan volume
  • Get a comprehensive benefits package, which includes medical, dental and vision insurance, long-term disability, 401(K), company-paid life insurance and flexible work hours!


Why Generation M & Mid-Island Mortgage?!


  • Mid-Island Mortgage is New York’s longest operating direct lender, in business since 1959! We’ve survived and thrived beyond every up-and-down market cycle and are now in our latest growth spurt—known as Generation M.
  • We are family owned and operated for decades and are based in a safe and spacious Westbury suburban location. No long city commute necessary.
  • Join young professionals like yourself at the very beginning of the Generation M program and help take Mid-Island Mortgage to new heights

Ready to get your career moving?!

Simply email your resume and a little about yourself to

Scott Schoen
Director of Marketing

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