NEWS: Signs Point Toward Continued House Price Appreciation

House Price Appreciation

MBA Newslinks August 24, 2020 Ahead of this morning’s S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Home Price Indexes, a report from First American Financial Corp., Santa Ana, Calif., said low mortgage rates, tight supply and demographic demand will continue to drive home price appreciation well into autumn. “Mortgage rates are even lower (below 3% for the first time…

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NEWS: Home Sellers Increasingly Hold Upper Hand

Sellers Hold Upper Hand

Michael Tucker August 24, 2020 Zillow, Seattle, said sellers expanded their advantage in July as market forces continued to work in their favor. Buyers outnumbered sellers and snapped up homes at a record pace last month, Zillow reported. “This spring’s housing soft patch is receding in the rearview mirror as we get a clear picture…

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NEWS: CoreLogic: Summer Home Price Cooldown on the Way

Summer Cooldown

MBA Newslinks July 7, 2020 CoreLogic, Irvine, Calif., said home prices rose strongly in May, but warned that the effects of the coronavirus and subsequent economic downturn could send home price tumbling over the summer. The CoreLogic Market Risk Indicator predicts 125 metro areas have at least a 75% probability of price decline by May…

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NEWS: Mortgage rates drop to another record low — here’s why Americans may not want to wait too much longer before locking rates in


Jacob Passy June 22, 2020 Low mortgage rates are stoking the housing market’s recovery from the coronavirus, but there may be limits to how much of a boost they will give Mortgage rates have fallen to a new all-time low for the fourth time this year. But there’s significant upside risk to the low rate…

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NEWS: Demand Higher than Before Pandemic; So is Stress Amid Falling Inventories, Lingering COVID Concerns

MBA Newslinks June 15, 2020 Reports from Redfin, Seattle, and Clever Real Estate, St. Louis, illustrate the lingering effects of the coronavirus on the home-buying process—and the current state of home-buying demand. Redfin reported seasonally adjusted home buying demand jumped in early June and is now 25% higher than it was before the coronavirus smacked…

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