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Another Great Closing at Mid-Island Mortgage

Another Great Closing at Mid-Island Mortgage: All sides of this purchase in Queens, NY, were made happy by Senior Mortgage Banker Vick Ramdeen (center), buyer’s attorney Susan Liberman (center, left) and seller’s attorney Ene Crooks (right). Mother Patricia Williams (center, right) sold her house to her daughter Darlene Miller (left) with the perfect mortgage.

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NEWS: Mortgage rates at 18%? That’s what we got the last time a president strong-armed the Fed

September 23, 2019 Kathleen Howley When the National Bureau of Economic Research speaks on a disputed economic issue, it’s a bit like squabbling siblings getting a ruling from a parent. NBER is widely accepted as the arbiter of economic cycles, setting the start and end dates of recessions and expansions. Now, NBER has weighed in on one…

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NEWS: Average U.S. rent climbs to $1,472 in August

September 16, 2019 Alcynna Lloyd America’s rental prices continued to grow in August, as RentCafé indicates the nation’s average rent increased $47 from the previous year. According to the company’s Apartment Market Report, the national average rent in August totaled $1,472. This is a 0.1% increase from the previous month, and also represents a 3.3% increase from the…

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